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Career Opportunities in Viticulture and Enology

Explore diverse career opportunities in the vine and wine industry with a Vinifera EuroMaster degree. From winemaking and marketing to wine tourism, education, and sustainability roles, discover the path that suits your passion and expertise. Unlock exciting career paths and make your mark in the dynamic world of wine with our comprehensive guide. The Vinifera EuroMaster program prepares you for roles such as Directors/Managers of vine and wine estates or laboratories, Cellar Managers, Consultants in Oenology, Advisors in Vineyard Management, Market & Trade Consultants, Scientists, Researchers, and Teachers.

  • Directors/Managers of vine & wine estates or laboratories
  • Cellar Managers
  • Consultants in Oenology
  • Advisors in Vineyard Management
  • Market & Trade Consultants
  • Scientists, Researchers, Teachers

Vinifera EuroMaster alumni have found success in various sectors within the wine industry. We are proud to share that over 85% of our graduates secure employment shortly after graduation, with many excelling in winemaking roles.

Our alumni network is a testament to the program’s effectiveness, with graduates holding influential positions in renowned vineyards and wineries worldwide. These connections provide current students with valuable insights and opportunities for professional growth.

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Vinifera Graduates: A Pool of Talented Professionals

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Winemaking/Enology sector

Viticulture sector


Estate Management/Sales/Marketing