Vinifera EuroMaster Program

Vinifera EuroMaster Program

The First Year (M1) of the Vinifera EuroMaster Program in France

The first year of the Vinifera EuroMaster Program (M1) offers a comprehensive education in the field of viticulture and enology. From September to July, students will study at Institut Agro Montpellier and Bordeaux Sciences Agro. All lectures are conducted in English, providing an international learning environment for students.

For detailed information on the modules and courses offered during M1, you can refer to the Modulehandbook_M1 (updated October 2023)

Second Year (M2): Flexibility and Opportunities

In the second year (M2) of the Vinifera EuroMaster MSc program, students have the freedom to choose a host country based on their professional goals and interests. The M2 program is designed to offer extensive flexibility regarding dates, topics, and the organization of your studies. With the support of the Vinifera EuroMaster team, you will tailor your academic and professional journey to align with your aspirations.

Lectures in the M2 year are primarily in English, except for courses in Spain, which are taught in Spanish. One semester of the M2 year is dedicated exclusively to the Master’s thesis, which can be oriented towards professional practice or research. Students also have the option to complete their thesis period in another country, including options outside of Europe, or return to France to finish their thesis.

For more details on the M2 module contents and organization, please consult the:

Modules and Continuous Training

During the M1 year, the Vinifera EuroMaster Program is divided into several modules. Each module is designed to be completed independently and can be capitalized as part of your lifelong learning and professional development.

The new calendar for Batch 18, beginning September 2024 is now available. Check out the

P18 Calendar of Modules 2024-2025

for detailed information about module schedules and academic planning.