Internships and Study trips

Internships and Professional practice

During the 2 years of the curricula, you will have continuous opportunities of practical work.  Each university has facilities in order to teach wine sensory analysis, chemistry, or plant biology.  Research labs are also available for experimentations.

Thanks to the large Vinifera international network you will have plenty of offers of internships.

Study trips and Visits

The Vinifera programme is the perfect place to meet a lot of professionals from different wine producing areas.  Visits are offered in most modules of the M1.

Semester 1

  • one week at INRA Pech Rouge during the orientation week
  • a one-day Terroir field trip organised by the “Syndicat de l’AOP” Languedoc in order to discover the wines of the Montpellier region
  • visits to the IFV research centre and Vassal grape variety collection during the Vine Biology module
  • a one-day trip in Roussillon to study “Fortified Wines VDN” during the Economics module
  • visit to the international SITEVI exhibition in Montpellier (every 2 years)
  • time free in the timetable to visit Prowein in Germany

Semester 2

  • one-day wine-making field trip during the Wine Processing module (visit to Pera company at Pézenas)
  • a one- day visit at Domaine du Chapitre, an estate belonging to Montpellier SupAgro
  • participation in the international tasting competition of the CGA Paris (module of Wine Analysis)
  • a one-week study trip to discover one specific European vineyard (Burgundy, Cognac, Champagne, Cava and Priorat, Porto …)
  • Bordeaux vineyard and estate visits in the context of the module “Terroir and Company Auditing”

Semester 3 and 4 (M2)

A complementary programme of visits is also included in the M2 programmes according to your choice of country and modules.