Master joint Diploma

The Vinifera EuroMaster degree Diploma

The Vinifera EuroMaster diploma is a prestigious Master’s degree offered by the EMaVE Consortium. This unique European MSc diploma is delivered through a collaboration of six renowned universities across Europe, providing students with a comprehensive education in vine and wine sciences.

The Vinifera EuroMaster program offers an international version of each participating country’s nationally accredited Master’s degree in viticulture and oenology. This joint diploma is recognized and accredited according to the national regulations of each partner country, ensuring a high standard of education across all institutions involved.

Accreditation and Recognition of the Vinifera EuroMaster Joint Diploma

The Vinifera EuroMaster joint diploma is validated through the following national regulations:

This Vinifera EuroMaster MSc diploma is awarded after 5 years of full-time higher education studies (10 semesters following A-levels or Baccalaureate), equivalent to 300 ECTS credits.

For more information about the Vinifera EuroMaster program and the joint diploma, please visit the official Vinifera EuroMaster website.

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