Vinifera EuroMaster Fees

Vinifera EuroMaster Fees

The fees for the Vinifera EuroMaster program are 9000 euros per year. These fees cover a range of costs and services, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience. The program aims to provide value through a diverse and in-depth curriculum.

What the fees include:

Tuition fees include registration in host institutions
Registration in the two host institutions (M1 and M2).

Tuition fees include administrative costs
General administrative costs.

Tuition fees include travel costs for field visits
Travel costs for field visits.

Tuition fees include language training
Language training during the 1st year: elementary French language tuition (during one semester) and a preparatory course for the language spoken in the second hosting country.

Tuition fees include tasting sessions
Tasting sessions and sensorial analysis.

Tuition fees include course support handouts
Course support handouts or PowerPoints.

Tuition fees include health insurance
Student health insurance cover in France during M1.

What the fees do not include:

Additional costs not included in tuition fees
Mandatory national student contribution for M1 in France (approx. 90 euros, called CVEC), which gives access to student facilities and CROUS services, accommodation subsidies (CAF), health cover, etc.

Living expenses not included in tuition fees
Living expenses, approximately 600 euros per month.

Transportation costs not included in tuition fees
Transportation costs to/from and within Europe.

Administrative fees for thesis defense not included
Administrative fees to defend the master thesis in Lisbon.

Payment of the registration Vinifera Euromaster fees

Fees are to be paid annually: 9,000 euros each year. For the first year, the first installment is 1,500 euros, due after the reception of the pre-registration certificate. The remaining part of the annual fee is due at the start of the school year in mid-September.

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