Calendar & modules

The first year, or M1 in France

The first year is entirely organised by and held at Montpellier Supagro (Sept – May) and Bordeaux Sciences Agro (June), France.

Lectures are delivered in English.

For further information, you can find the description of each module in: MODULE HANDBOOK M1 (updated June 2021)

The second year, or M2 in other wine countries

Students choose a host country, according to EMaVE partners’ offer of modules and your own professional project.  The M2 is very flexible in terms of dates, topics and organisation. You will be able to design your track with the support of the Vinifera team according to your needs and expectations.

Lectures are delivered in English language, except for Spain where teaching is entirely in Spanish.
Part of the second year is devoted to the Master thesis preparation – professionally or research oriented. This period may be carried out in yet another country (even outside Europe), depending on the relevance of the Master project.  You can also return to France for your thesis.

For further information, you can find the description of modules offered by each university in: MODULE HANDBOOK M2

Modules and continuous training

During the first year, the programme is divided into several modules.  Each module can be completed independently and capitalised as part of your lifelong learning education.

The new calendar for batch 17, beginning next September 2023 is now available