Associate partners

A large, international and sustainable network developed since 2007

Associate partners actively participate in the running and promotion of the Vinifera programme

Since 2007 the aim of EMaVE Consortium has been to develop synergies with the wine industry. The Consortium involves associate partners from the academic, private and public sectors, selected for their excellence in the field of vine and wine sciences.
For instance, Gallo E&J participates in the selection of American applications, organising a one-day seminar each year at its research center in Modesto, California. China Agricultural University and NWAFU (North-West Agricultural and Forestry University) actively participate in the organisation of interview sessions of applicants in China.
INRA Pech Rouge invites all the Vinifera students to visit for one week on its 120 Ha estate. During this orientation period, it provides a unique experience for harvesting and first hand use of the experimental equipment with the involvement of INRA researchers.
Torres SA, INRA, and Michigan State University offer some Master thesis subjects each year and associated internships in the Vinifera academic program.
Brock University and Charles Sturt University offer some PhD positions to the most qualified Vinifera Alumni.