Life in Portugal


ISA is set in a green area of 1 sq. kilometre where laboratories, classrooms, work areas and sport and leisure infrastructures are located.

Besides the teaching component, ISA provides its students with a whole set of cultural, sports and recreational activities. There are at ISA several spaces and rooms, including the up-to-date ISA Library, dedicated to individuals studying, as well as group work, that can be used by students.  All those spaces are covered by the eduroam wireless network. In some of them there are, as well, access to computer hardware.

Portugal is known for its academic tradition and Lisbon as its capital is no exception. You’ll find a diverse environment throughout the city, which never undermines the country’s tradition and history, making living there very authentic.  Lisbon also has a large student population as it attracts students from all parts of Portugal and of most countries around the world.  It is a vibrant town, with several cultural events and a known hipster scene.