Vinifera EuroMaster Mobility

The Vinifera EuroMaster program offers unparalleled mobility opportunities, allowing students to gain international experience and broaden their professional horizons in viticulture and enology. Vinifera EuroMaster mobility ensures that students receive diverse and comprehensive education in the wine industry.

Students spend their first year in France, studying at prestigious institutions in Montpellier and Bordeaux. The second year offers flexibility, with the option to study at one of the six partner universities within our consortium. This structure not only provides a comprehensive education but also enhances cultural understanding and global networking.

The mobility experience is designed to ensure students are well-prepared for international careers in the wine industry, benefiting from diverse teaching methods and cutting-edge research facilities.

For more details on the mobility opportunities and how to apply, visit our application page.

Discover how the Vinifera EuroMaster’s mobility opportunities can enhance your education and career prospects in viticulture and enology. Join us and become part of a global network of wine professionals.

  • International Experience

Participating in the Vinifera EuroMaster mobility program means gaining exposure to different viticulture and enology practices around the world. This international experience is invaluable in building a robust understanding of global wine industry standards and practices.

  • Cultural Immersion

Living and studying in different countries enriches students’ cultural perspectives, enhancing their ability to work in diverse environments. This cultural immersion helps in developing adaptable and globally-minded professionals.

  • Career Opportunities

Vinifera EuroMaster graduates are highly sought after in the global wine industry. The program’s comprehensive curriculum and international exposure make our alumni valuable assets to vineyards, wineries, and related businesses worldwide.

Our alumni network is a testament to the program’s effectiveness, with graduates holding influential positions in renowned vineyards and wineries worldwide. These connections provide current students with valuable insights and opportunities for professional growth.

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