As a consortium of public Universities, EMaVE wishes to support deserving students joining the Vinifera Master’s program.
First of all, since 2013, tuition fees have not been increased and this despite a difficult global economic context.
During the M1,The French government supports all the Vinifera students for accomodation and canteen, health insurance. At Montpellier public transportation is free.
In addition, EMaVE actively seeks and distributes scholarships every year, the details of which can be found below:

EMaVE Consortium scholarships

6 scholarships of 9000 euros*

For batch 2024-26, EMaVE grants are offered to the best ranked European and non-European applicants of the first call.

  • Two specific scholarships will be allocated by Geisenheim University: in order to apply you need to be graduated from Geisenheim Uni or to choose Geisenheim for your second year of the Master, (to be specified by email to when applying)
  • One specific scholarship will be allocated for “Communication”. In order to apply please send your motivation letter to explain how you are going to contribute to the promotion of Vinifera Euromaster by email to

* (divided in 2 payments)

4 scholarships of 4500 euros

are offered for M2 students doing a mobility for the master thesis. Eligibility is depending on M1 grade.

The allocation of the EMaVE scholarship is decided on the criteria of merit. The awarded students are invited to promote the programme by investing in “Vinifera community management”.

Batch 2011-2013 (M2): Anouk Lavoie-Lamoureux and David Natali (5,000 euros awarded)
Batch 2013-2015 (M1): Cristobal Abarzua (4,000 euros)
Batch 2015-2017 (M1): 6 scholarships were offered to the best ranking European applicants (4,000 euros)
Batch 2016-2018 (M1): 5 scholarships were offered to the best ranking European applicants (4,000 euros)
Batch 2017-2019 (M1) : 2 scholarships were offered to Lorenz Immerfall (8,000 euros) and Manuel Roldan Minguez (4,000 euros)
Batch 2018-2020 (M1): 2 scholarships were offered to Maximiliano Zeron (9,000 euros) and Bernd Mohrand (4,500 euros)

Batch 2019-2021: 7 scholarships were offered to Buican Bettina (9 000 euros), Montresor Lodovico (9000 euros), Cao Jian (9000 euros), Iatridou Angeliki (4500 euros), De Backer Klaas (3000 euros), Lespes Antoine (3000 euros), Tomasella Vedoya (3000 euros)

Batch 2020-2022: 4 scholarships (9000 euros each) were offered to Fichtl Lukas, Koch Pálma, Ribeiro Rui and Steng Katharina. In addition, Mrs Chata Mundell has been awarded with a full scholarship from Campus France

Batch 2021-2023: 5 scholarships (9000 euros each) were offered to Ambrosius AF, Gvasalia A, Mondragon Hernandez A, Van Domelen R, Svobodova M.

Batch 2022-2024: 6 scholarships (9000 euros each) were offered to Gonzales Torres Miriam, Sali Butan Muhsine, Sheklashvili Giorgi, Walsh James, Bou Monsef Georges, Bhor Sayali

Batch 2023-2025: 6 scholarships (9000 euros each) are offered. Awarded from the first call Zhong Qingyi, Tassinari Henrique, Agarwal Tamanna, Bojan Krgovic, Raimundo Prieto, Stilson Mary Noelle

UFA scholarship for M1 in France and M2 in Geisenheim

6 scholarships of 4200* euros:

The Vinifera Euromaster is labelised by UFA (French and German University). Thanks to this support, EMaVE can offer 6 scholarships for students moving to Germany in second year.

If you are interested by this opportunity, first you have to apply for the call.

Then, you have to send a specific letter of motivation by email to Mrs, explaining why you would like to join this specific Franco-German track, your interest the french and german cultures and languages and how you will promote and enforce the cooperation between the two countries.

Further information about UFA opportunities

* 350 euro/month (max 12 months)

Professionals and sponsored students

Private companies or public institutions may send some of their staff to attend Vinifera courses as short professional training.

Or they may offer some grants to students under given conditions. Two places are reserved for these students each year.

In any case, such applicants have to apply through the same selection process as others. They will be evaluated according to the same criteria and ranked accordingly. Finally, they need to appear at least in a complementary list to be accepted

As a counterpart for this indirect support and contribution to sustainability of Vinifera EuroMaster, these companies / institutions will be recognised as “Vinifera Business sponsors“.

Moreover, if the institution is a French company a part of the fees (60%) can give the benefit of tax advantages:

National scholarships to study in France:

International student grant 

National scholarships to study in Portugal (M2)

National scholarships to study in Spain (M2)

National scholarships to study in Germany (M2)

National scholarships to study in Italy (M2)