Prof A Deloire

Prof. Alain Deloire is Professor of Viticulture at Montpellier SupAgro. He has worked for 14 years as professor in grapevine and fruit ecophysiology.

His experience includes:

  • Engineer in viticulture and team leader for Moet and Chandon – LVMH group for ten years
  • Associate professor in Reims University (Champagne)
  • Associate professor at Montpellier SupAgro
  • Professor in grapevine physiology at Agro Montpellier
  • Professor in Viticulture at Stellenbosch University, Department of Viticulture and Oenology
  • Chair of the Department of Viticulture and Oenology
  • Director, National Wine and Grape Industry Centre, Charles Sturt University
  • Acting Director of Research at Charles Sturt University, Australia
  • Professor in Viticulture, SupAgro, Montpellier, France

Vinifera teaching: In this programme he teaches in the following modules: Ecophysiology, Viticulture, Project Management in Science. He is joint Co-coordinator of the viticulture module.

Research interests: Effect of abiotic factors on grapevine physiology, berry development and wine style.

Alain’s research and teaching topics include grapevine physiology, grape berry development and biochemistry. He focuses on the effect of abiotic factors on grapevine physiology, berry development and wine style. He is recognised as an international expert in viticulture (vine sciences) and has been invited as speaker or expert in most countries/regions involved in wine production. Prof Deloire received the ANVAR award (France) for his contribution towards the establishment of a company that specialises in grapevine innovations and the optimisation of harvest potential in relation to wine styles. He is inventor of two patents, has published/ co- published 70 industry journal articles and more than 50 peer reviewed articles (including book chapters).

Alain is co-author of two books on  Grapevine Physiology and Terroir.