Dr A Métay

Dr Aurélie Métay is Associate professor in agronomy, at Institut Agro Montpellier, and teaches soil management and cover cropping strategies.

She currently works in the Soils, Water, Crops and Livestock Systems Department.  Her PhD was carried out ad the IRD, the CIRAD and EMBRAPA, on Carbon sequestration and greenhouse effect gases fluxes – Comparison between no-tillage system and conventional system in the Brazilian Cerrados.

Prior to this, she has worked as Assistant professor in agronomy at ISTOM (www.istom.net), a research programme developed at UMR Eco&Sols (formerly UR SeqBio).  Her role as associated scientist focused on organic fertilization of cropping systems (crop residues or organic waste), and experimentation or modelling assessment of N2O fluxes.

Vinifera Teaching:  Aurélie lectures on soil management and cover cropping strategies in the Viticulture Module

 Research Interests:  Aurélie carries out research in Agronomy at UMR System in Montpellier, France.  Her current projects are Cover crops ecology and management in relation to ecosystem services provision in vineyards.  She has 16 publications (published or under review) in the following peer-reviewed international journals:

  • Plant and soil
  • Soil and tillage research
  • Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment
  • European. Journal of Agronomy
  • Functional Plant Biology
  • Environmental Modeling & Software
  • Global Change Biology
  • Journal of Agronomy and crop sciences

Contact: aurelie.metay@supagro.fr