Prof B Blondin

Prof Bruno Blondin

Professor Blondin is the Director of the IHEV (Institute of Higher Studies in Vine and Wine) at the Institut Agro – Montpellier SupAgro.

He previously served as Scientific Director of Montpellier SupAgro, and has been based at the IHEV and the mixed research unit SPO (Sciences for Enology) since 2000.

He leads the KEY initiative Montpellier Vine&Wine Sciences in the framework of MUSE (Montpellier University of Excellence) that gathers all teams involved in vine and wine sciences.


Vinifera Teaching: 

Bruno teaches on wine microbiology and fermentation, in the module of Enology, and runs practical classes in microbiology – on fermentation – in the Wine Processing module.

He also contributes to the French Master in Vine and Wine, and to the Engineer programme’s Viticulture – Enology specialty in addition to the National Diploma in Enology (DNO),  where he is in charge of the microbiology classes.


Research Interests:

Professor Blondin began his career as asssitant in microbiology – enology in SupAgro. He has the post of professor in Montpellier SupAgro since 2003.

He performs research in the research Unit Science for Enology (SupAgro, INRAE, University of Montpellier).

His key research areas are dealing with wine yeast genetics and genomics. The research has been mainly focused on the deciphering of genetic bases of wine yeast properties and the development of knowledge and tools to improve wine yeast trough breeding strategies. They include the formation of sulfur compounds during alcoholic fermentation, and the fermentation capacity of wine yeast addressed through quantitative genetic approaches.  Furthermore, he  developped programs aiming at understanding the mechanisms that underly yeast cell death during alcoholic fermentation in relation to nutritional status of yeast cells.

He has published 58 papers in the field and has a H index of 30.

International Development:

On the international level, Professor Blondin is member of the Microbiology expert group of the OIV (International Organisation on Vine&Wine) since 1996.