Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria

General presentation

The Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (National Agricultural Technology Institute), commonly known as INTA, is an Argentine federal institute in charge of the generation, adaptation and diffusion of technologies, knowledge and learning procedures for the agriculture, forest and agro-industrial activities within an ecologically clean environment. It was created in 1956, depends on the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fishing. It has financial and operative autarkic autonomy given by law 25641/02.


To be percieved as :

  • Protagonist of the SAAA* innovation systems and of society in general.
  • Reference for the formulation and implementation of public policies for the SAAA.
  • Relevant in the development processes of the territories it values, respects, includes and promotes the role of local actors.
  • That contributes to scientific and technological sovereignty, security and food sovereignty.
  • Committed to systemic competition within a framework of environmental sustainability, social inclusion and equity.
  • Committed to the development and well-being of all its staff.
  • Reliable, efficient, effective, transparent and with values.
  • With the capacity to anticipate and react to emerging problems.

*SAAA : Agricultural, Agrifood, and Agroindustrial System

Mission :

“Promote innovation and contribute to a sustainable development of an inclusive, competitive agricultural, animal production, food and related industries system, with social equity and guardian of the environment, through research, extension, technology development, contribution to the development of public policies, and the relation and cooperation at national and international level.

Involvement in the Vinifera programme

INTA can offer experimental stations with labs, experimental vineyards and wineries to students to conduct their thesis or part of it.

Include students in INTA related projects so they can conduct their thesis within a bigger project.

The relation of INTA with the grape growing and wine industry, and the presence of INTA in the different states of Argentina offers the possibility to students to be able to develop their thesis in different climates and regions.

Teaching of different topics. This was done in the past with missions from Argentina to France as visitors Professors to cover certain topics of interest for students.

Topics of interest from the scientific or wine industry point of view for students.