Dr L Galletto

Dr  Luigi Galletto is Associate Professor in Winery management and Wine Marketing at the University of Padova, Italy, and Researcher in Agricultural Economics and Policy.

He has been Member of a Working group sponsored by the European Parliament on Vineyard Liberalization in the European Union, since 2012.  He teaches on winery management and wine marketing, and also market improvement of wine and wine-related products at the University of Padova.  In addition, he contributes to the agro-food marketing course.

Vinifera Teaching: Dr Galletto teaches on wine marketing and business in the Economics for the Wine Industry module. He is Coordinator of this module.

Research Interests:

Luigi’s previous research mostly dealt with wine productive potential, wine tourism, wine geographic indications and wine hedonic price.  Currently his attention is focused mainly on sustainability practices in the wine industry and on the bureaucracy burden and cost for both vine growers and wine makers.

He is a co-author of a book on Wine Marketing.

Contact: Luigi.galletto@unipd.it