Dr T Scholasch

Dr Thibaut Scholasch is Co-founder of Fruition Sciences, a company specialising in precision mapping and viticulture.

Vinifera Teaching:  He teaches on irrigation practices in the Viticulture module of M1.

Thibaut obtained his PhD in Montpellier in 2009, within the LEPSE research unit.

He continued as researcher in California (Robert Mondavi + UC Berkeley), and currently works in his company, Fruition Sciences.

The company has conceived the 360viti methodology : a tool built to manage all vineyard Data (plant, fruit, and environmental data).
In his early scientific career, Dr Scholasch became an expert in controlling the effects of environmental stresses on vine physiology, fruit and wine quality – such as light, temperatures, nitrogen or water stresses on grape composition.  Furthermore, he had the pleasure and opportunity to worked as a winemaker and consulted for wineries all around the world (France, Chile, California, Australia, Argentina).  His passion is to understand what drives vine health to make good wines.

International Development :

Thibaut offers consulting in Israel, Australia, Argentina, Chile, California, and France.

Research Interests: Ongoing research for Fruition Sciences SAS.