Dr M Selim

Dr Moustafa Selim is Lecturer and Researcher on grapevine diseases and insect pests, at Hochscule Geisenheim University, Germany

He received a BSc in horticulture from Ain-Shams University (Cairo/Egypt), MSc in Agrobiotechnology from Giessen University (Germany) and his PhD in Phytopathology from Giessen University (Germany). His topics of lectureing are: Grapevine diseases and insect pests for viticulture students, Grapevine diseases for international wine business students and Horticultural diseases and insect pests for horticulture students.

Vinifera Teaching:  He teaches the basics of plant pathology in the Viticulture module, along with grapevine funal and bacterial diseases.

Research Interests:  Research in grapevine diseases (downy mildew and Esca) and grapevine insect pests (grape berry moth)

Contact: moustafa.selim@hs-gm.de