Dr M Greven

Dr Marc Greven is Associate Professor working for the EGFV, Univ. of Bordeaux, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, INRAE, and ISVV

Vinifera Teaching: Marc is the coordinator of the Terroir and Company Auditing module, that takes place at Bordeaux Sciences Agro for one month at the end of the first year.  He teaches in viticulture and on vine physiology and morphology.

Research Interests:

  • understanding the causes of and finding a solution to the excessive accumulation of sugars in grapes, and alcohol in wines
  • the quantification of interconnections between physical, chemical and biological properties of vineyard, vines, their management and commercial performance using industry data rather than research data
  • the uncoupling of fruit maturation from sugar accumulation in Sauvignon blanc through irrigation and other vineyard management techniques
  • the influence of environmental factors and crop management on wine typicality
  • correlations between Sauvignon blanc juice production history and metabolomic profiles
  • the use of satellite images for broad scale temperature and soil moisture recordings
  • the importance of crop load and leaf canopy on the long-term development of carbohydrate and nitrogen reserves
  • the influence of irrigation on photosynthesis, stomatal conductance and leaf water potential under the cool climate conditions

International Development

Marc has worked for 20 years in the New Zealand wine industry and intermittently in France. In September 2018 he moved to Bordeaux, France, to live and work.