Dr M Gelly

Dr Gelly completed  a PhD in Deficit Irrigation and peach quality at the Universitat de Leida, Spain in 2003.  He was Director of Viticulture for VITEC, Spain, 2018 – 2012, then Research Engineer for ITK from 2012 – 2016, elaborating French and international projects, specialising in precision agriculture, especially for viticulture. 

After this experience in technical centers, research institute or private structures, he created a consulting company in order to be closer to farmers and transfer his knowledge and skills.

Marc provides consultancy mainly on precision irrigation in viticulture, but also on other crops.

Every year, he tests new technologies to better advise farmers in their choices.

Vinifera Teaching: Marc is one of the professionals who contributes to the programme, teaching on practical irrigation management in the Viticulture module.

International Development : He works mainly in France and Spain, but carries out missions further afield on request.


Contact: marc.gelly@ag-irrig.fr

Website: www.ag-irrig.fr


Marc Gelly