Dr L Rossetto

Dr Luca Rossetto is associate professor in Agricultural and Food economics at the University of Padova, Italy.

He studied Agricultural Sciences at the University of Padova, and has a Phd in Mountain Economics from the University of Trento.  In addition, he has also studied in agricultural economics at the University of California, Davis campus.

Vinfiera Teaching: Luca teaches on marketing in the Economics module.

His principal activity is teaching on “Food supply chains, food & wine marketing and farm management” at the University of Padova, Italy.

Research interests:  Luca has produced over 140 publications which include the following research areas: agriculture and environment, and the Common Agricultural Policy. Luca also carries out research in commodity and speciality food markets and fisheries.  Furthermore, he researches organic agriculture and markets, the wine market, wine brands and communication.

Contact: luca.rossetto@unipd.it

Dr Luca Rossetto