Dr A Ferrandino

Dr Alessandra Ferrandino  is a teacher and researcher at DISAFA – University of Turin, Italy.

She studied Agricultural Sciences at the University of Turin where she obtained her MSc (1993), PhD (1997) and Specialization Degree in Enology and Viticulture (2003). In 2012 she obtained the Italian qualification as Associate Professor. She is author/co-author of more than 100 scientific/technical papers (37 indexed, with almost 1000 citations) and two book chapters. She is a reviewer of international indexed journals.

Vinifera Teaching: Dr Ferrandino teaches “Secondary metabolites in the grapevine” in the second year of the programme.

Research Interests:  Her research activity in viticulture and grapevine biology focuses on the influences exerted by environment, genotype and their interaction on secondary metabolite accumulation (polyphenols and volatiles) in vegetative and reproductive organs. Understanding the relations existing among grapevine/soil/climate allows indepth study of many important practical aspects such as viticulture landscape, wine quality, nutraceutical benefits of grape and derived-product consumption.  More recently, she has focused her attention on the accumulation of polyphenols in vegetative organs, as a key factor to study grapevine susceptibility to pathogens, in the frame of offering new insights to the concept of sustainability in viticulture. She collaborated with many Italian and European colleagues, particularly in France, Spain and Germany.

Contact: alessandra.ferrandino@unito.it