Dr E Felix Gonçalves

Dr Elsa Felix Gonçalves is Assistant Professor at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), Universidade de Lisbon, Portugal.

She obtained her PhD in Mathematics and Statistics, ISA/UTL, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Technical University of Lisbon (ISA/UTL), her Master degree in Applied Mathematics for Biological Sciences, and her degree in Agronomic Engineering, with specialisation in Plant Breeding, from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Technical University of Lisbon (ISA/UTL).

Elsa teaches on the Bachelor, Master, and PhD Programmes, and postgraduate courses at the University of Lisbon, on the following themes: mathematical analysis, statistics and design, mathematical models and applications; quantitative genetics and plant breeding, methods of conservation, quantification of diversity and selection in ancient varieties.

Vinifera Teaching: Within the Project Management in Science module, Elsa lectures on experimental methodology and statistics.

Research Interests:

Dr Felix Gonçalves’ research activities are focused on the development of methods for grapevine selection (as well as for other arboreal perennials species for vegetable propagation) based on quantitative genetics principles and focusing on the exploitation of genetic variability within old varieties.  Other work on sexual propagated species are also conducted, such as stone pine, maritime pine, and cork oak.  Those methods include: the study of experimental designs adequate for large initial field trials and for the evaluation of genotype by environment interaction; mixed models for data analysis to estimate variance components and other quantitative genetic parameters, and to obtain the best linear unbiased predictors of genotypic effects and genetic gains of selection.

She is member of the Research Centre ‘Linking Landscape, Environment, Agriculture and Food’ (LEAF), based at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, University of Lisbon (ISA-UL).

Her research activity comprises a wide range of collaborations with Portuguese Institutions and involves the participation in methodological management of the Portuguese Network for Grapevine Selection, in addition to the Portuguese Association for Grapevine Diversity.

She is member of the Directive Board of Portuguese Association for Grapevine Diversity and member of the GENET expert group (International Organisation of Vine and Wine-OIV Portuguese commission).

Contact: elsagoncalves@isa.ulisboa.pt