Dr C Andreotti

Dr  Carlo Andreotti is Associate Professor at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

Vinifera Teaching:  Carlo teaches M2 students the module of “Vineyard management in mountain areas” (within the integrated course of “Vineyard management and wine production in mountain areas”.

His PhD was obtained at the University of Bologna, Department of Arboriculture, on the topic: Phenolic compounds in pear trees and their involvement in abiotic and biotic stress tolerance. Dr Andreotti spent several years as post-doc at the University of Bologna carrying out research on fruit tree physiology (effects of cultivation and climatic conditions on phenolic content of several fruit crop species)

Since 2007 he has worked as researcher at the National Council for Research in Agriculture, and since 2009 he has occupied a role as researcher and associate professor.

Research Interests:

  • use of plant biostimulants to increase grapevine resistance to water stress
  • application of deficit irrigation strategies to increase water use efficiency and berry quality in the grapevine
  • grapevine canopy management to control berry ripening dynamic

Contact: carlo.andreotti@unibz.it