Dr Andrii Tarasov

Dr Andrii Tarasov works at the Department of Enology at Hochschule Geisenheim University, (Germany).

Andrii obtained his PhD in chemistry at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine) in 2009. Later he worked several years in the chemistry field and then continued his study in 2013 at the Vinefera EuroMaster program. After graduation in 2015 he started to work at Geisenheim University combining both backgrounds, Chemistry and Enology.

Now Andrii is a research scientist and lecturer in the Department of Enology. He contributes to the bachelor and master study programs by:

  • teaching Wine Chemistry;
  • supervising a group of students in Enology Project module;
  • conducting seminars in Sensory Analysis;
  • giving lectures in Advanced Enology.

In parallel, he is as an editor-in-chief of the Conference Series platform in IVES association (Bordeaux, France).

Vinifera Teaching: Within the Wine Analysis module Andrii lectures on Sensory Analysis with the focus on tasting techniques.


Research Interests:  Andrii is involved in various research projects, including study of wine aroma compounds (e.g., TDN in Riesling wine); wine defects (e.g., TCA and “cork taint”); wine storage and wine transportation coditions. In the scope of his interests are also wine bottling techniques and usage of different bottle closures.

Contact: andrii.tarasov@hs-gm.de