Dr A Polo

Dr  Andrea Polo is a fixed-term researcher in the University of Bolzano, part of the consortium run by the University of Udine.

Vinifera Teaching: Dr Polo lectures in the second year of the Vinifera EuroMaster programme on characterisation of mountain wines.  As part of his role, he contributes to the module on Fermentation processes for the production of mountain wines.

Research Interests:

Dr Polo’s currently dedicates his research activity to microbial ecology of fermented beverages and foods.  This ranges from ecosystem analysis to starter culture development.  His Postdoctoral fellowships were dedicated firstly to microbial biofilm and microbial communities with an ecological approach.  In addition, his fellowship focused on antibiofilm strategies.  Thirdly, he researched bioremediation methods. His PhD focused on microbial biofilms and microbial communities living on abiotic surfaces.

Andrea’s main research areas are food fermentations and diet-human axis.

Contact: andrea.polo@unibz.it