Dr MA Paissoni

Maria Alessandra Paissoni is researcher in enology at University of Torino (Italy).

She achieved a co-jointed PhD between University of Turin and University of Bordeaux on the sensory characterization of grape phenolic compounds and their involvement in wine in-mouth properties in 2018. After her post-doctoral fellowship at University of Torino, she became researcher in 2021. Maria is author of 55 scientific and technical contributions in the Enology field (20 of them on ISI journal).

Vinifera Teaching: Within the M2 programme in Torino, Maria lectures on varieties characterization and their valorisation in the Enography teaching.

Research interest: Her research activity is focus on enology with particular emphasis on the implication of winemaking techniques on the sensory properties of wine.

contact: mariaalessandra.paissoni@unito.it