Prof A Morata

Antonio Morata  is Professor of Food Technology, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.  He is representative for U. Politécnica de Madrid in the EMaVE Consortium.

He qualified initially Agricultural Engineer specialising in Food Industry from the U. Politécnica de Madrid.  Antonio obtained his MSc in Viticulture and Oenology from the same university. His PhD was in Food Science and Technology at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Prof Morata lectures in the study programme in Food Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. His topics focus on Food Technology, Unit Operations, Food preservation, as well as New Technologies for Food Preservation
Contributing to the MSc in Viticulture and Oenology, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Antonio lectures in winemaking and wine analysis.  In addition, he teaches and is the coordinator of the MSc in Food Engineering, applied to health.

Antonio is Editorial board member of the following journals: Fermentation MDPI; Beverages MDPI; Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry.

Vinifera Teaching:  In this programme Antonio teaches on anthocyanins, phenolic compounds, and wine making in the Enology and Wine Processing modules.

Research Interests: Antonio focuses on emerging processing and preservation technologies and wine pigments.  He also researches on wine microbiology, especially winemaking technology, fermentation biotechnology and non-Saccharomyces.

International Development:  Antonio is member and delegate of the OIV Expert Group in Microbiology.  He is also reviewer for many scientific journals. Further afield, he has been invited as lecturer of wine technology and biotechnology in the MSc in Food Technology at the Gansu Agricultural University, China since 2011.  As International reviewer he contributes to research projects with MIUR-PRIN Italy, ANR-VINCI France, ANII Uruguay.  In addition, he serves as State High-End Project Foreign Expert for the Chinese Government.

Antonio is Editorial board member of the following journals:
-Fermentation MDPI
-Beverages MDPI
-Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry
He serves as International reviewer for research projects with MIUR-PRIN Italy, ANR-VINCI France, and ANII Uruguay.