Prof. M Stoll

Prof. Manfred Stoll is Head of the Department of General and Organic Viticulture at Hochschule Geisenheim University.  He is, in addition, Vinifera Programme Coordinator for the M2 in Geisenheim, and representative in the EMaVE Consortium.

Manfred studied biology at the University of Würzburg (Germany), followed by a PhD at the University of Adelaide (Australia) and post-doc at the University of Dundee (Scotland).  In his post-doc he focused on ecophysiology and remote sensing.  He later worked as a wine consultant in the Franconian region of Germany.  Since 2005 Manfred has been based at the Research Centre Geisenheim and subsequently the University Geisenheim University.  In 2015 he became Head of the Department of General and Organic Viticulture.

Vinifera Teaching: Manfred contributes to the Vine Ecology and Physiology module and Viticulture module.

Research Interests:  Manfred’s expertise is in viticulture and physiology, viticulture, ecophysiology, environmental interaction, in addition to climate change, remote sensing, and precision viticulture.