Dr F Pantin

Dr  Florent Pantin is Lecturer in plant ecophysiology at Montpellier SupAgro.

Florent Pantin has worked as Lecturer in Montpellier SupAgro since 2015.  During his PhD in LEPSE (2008-2011), he combined the use of Arabidopsis resources with state-of-the-art phenotyping methods. These are used to analyse shoot responses to drought, temperature and irradiance. He gained more experience in modelling leaf development through a Marie Curie Fellowship in Enrico Coen’s lab (John Innes Centre, UK).  He also worked on leaf hydraulics as a postdoc in Bernard Genty’s team (CNRS, UMR BIAM).  Since he joined the LEPSE,  he uses grapevine and Arabidopsis to study the genetics of stomatal movements and leaf water relations.

Vinifera Teaching: Florent teaches light interception efficiency (Vine Ecology and Ecophysiology module) and canopy management (Viticulture module).  He also oversees the project ‘Adopt a Vine’ (Project Management in Science module) where international students work in pairs with French master students to observe one vine each over the period of one year.  During their project they collect statistics which are used in their training.  They then hand over their adopted vine to a future cohort of students.

Research Interests: His research is hosted in the Laboratory of Ecophysiology of Plants under Environmental Stresses (UMR LEPSE). His programme focuses on how plants respond to the prevailing environment, with predilection for stomatal control and leaf development.

Research profile