Dr S Giacosa

Dr  Simone Giacosa is researcher in enology at the University of Torino, Alba (Italy), one of the partners for M2 studies.

Vinifera Teaching: 

Within the Wine Processing module, Simone lectures on white wines, sparkling wines, and the reduction of sulfite content in wines.  He also contributes with practical lab work.

Research Interests:

Simone is enologist, with a PhD in Enology and Food Science.

His research activity focuses on the extraction and preservation strategies of secondary metabolites during wine production.  In addition, he studies the evaluation and analysis of the phenolic content in wines and winery products, technological advancement in Enology, and the potential use of ozone in the winery.  Part of his investigation is to evaluate the mechanical properties of grapes (related to the extraction from solid parts), pomace, and food products.

Dr Giacosa is author of more than 180 scientific contributions, including more than 90 indexed (Web of Science/Scopus) peer-reviewed publications in the Enology and Food Science fields. He also acts as reviewer for indexed journals in the Food Science and Technology subject category.

Contact: simone.giacosa@unito.it

Dr S Giacosa
Wine Processing