Prof E Bonifacio

Prof Eleonora Bonifacio  is Full professor at the University of Turin, Italy.

Eleonora is soil scientist at the University of Turin, with an agricultural background (MSc in Agricultural Siences) and a PhD in soil mineralogy (1992).  She coordinates the PhD programme in Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences at the University of Torino and is vice-president of the Italian Society of Pedology.

Vinifera Teaching: She lectures in Viticultural pedology during the M2 of the programme.

Research Interests:  My research activity is documented by ca. 70 papers in ISI journals and ca. 130  book chapters, articles in Conference proceedings and Congress presentations. I am asssociate editor of the Elsevier journal Catena.

My main research interests are related to the processes of soil development because they shape natural soil fertility and affect soil agricultural use. Special emphasis  was given to soil physical properties (e.g. soil structure development, soil porosity etc..) and to the evaluation of soil erosion. I have research collaborations in many European countries as well as in Japan, Australia, Russia and America.