Georgian Technical University

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Biosystems Engineering, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia

General presentation

Georgian Technical University (GTU, formerly Georgian Polytechnical Institute) is the main and largest technical University of Georgia.

It is located in the capital city of Tbilisi.

Georgian Technical University was founded in 1922 as a polytechnic faculty of the Tbilisi State University.

Transformed in 1928 into an independent “Georgian Politechnical Institute” it achieved University status by 1990.

Georgian Technical University has more than 22,000 students and around 1,500 staff.

Major faculties of the university are as follows:

  • Power Engineering and Telecommunication
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mining and Geology
  • Chemical technology and Metallurgy
  • Architecture, Urban planning and Design
  • Informatics and Control Systems;
  • Transportation and Machine-Building
  • Humanitarian-Social
  • Agricultural Sciences and Biosystems Engineering

Georgian Technical University has provided over 60% of Georgia’s engineering, chemistry and scientific industry professionals for the last eighty years.

GTU uses the ECTS grading scale and awards degrees and diplomas of Expert, Bachelor of Sciences, Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Sciences.

GTU Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Biosystems Engineering was established in December, 2013.

The faculty operates the following programs:

  • Bachelor: 8 (including Viticulture and Enology in Georgian language)
  • Master: 10 (including Viticulture and Enology in English language)
  • PhD: 6

There are the following number of the students on the Faculty: 1768, Bachelor students, 71 Master students and 23 PhD students.

Involvement in the Vinifera programme:

GTU cooperates with the Vinifera programme in the framework of Erasmus+ mobility scholarships programme, in the following topics:

  • Organise exchange of students and academics with consortium EMaVE;
  • Provide, select and/or recommend candidates;
  • Contribute with possible thesis topics and subjects and/or assist in research and/or field work
  • Contribute to students’ internship/placement possibilities

Georgian Technical University :

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Biosystems Engineering:


Prof. Giorgi Kvartskhava, the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Biosystems Engineering.