Italian Consortium of Torino

General presentation

The University of Turin ( is the coordinator of the Italian consortium including the Universities of Milano-Palermo-Foggia-Sassari, a consortium representing different ‘Terroirs’ from the Alps to the Mediterranean sea.

The Master’s Degree Course in Viticulture and Enology has a strong practical connotation and is partly carried out in research centers or large Italian or foreign wineries, under the guidance of qualified academic tutors, in the context of compulsory internships. The formative seminars are interdisciplinary and allow the deepening of basic knowledge related to the cultivation of the vine and to the production, marketing and promotion of wine. Historical-nutritional aspects are explored for a more complete view of the production system.

The ‘Vinifera students’ who decide to attend the second year (M2) in Italy can choose among the different teachings offered by the various Universities of the Italian Consortium (Torino, Milano, Palermo, Foggia and Sassari) and the location in which they will carry out their thesis and the internship.

At the end of the studies, our Master’s Degree Course in Viticulture and Enology offers professional opportunities of work in companies, wineries, cellars, as well as opportunities of employment in the public sector.

Involvement in the Vinifera programme

  • Involvement into the M1 curricula at Montpellier:

Immersion: lecture Basic Viticulture, V. Novello.

Module Viticulture: lecture Table grape, V. Novello

Module Vine Ecology and Physiology: lecture Soil ecology, S. Guidoni

Module wine-processing: lecture White wines, sparkling wines, reduction of sulphite contents in wines, S. Giacosa.

  • Main topics for M2: lecture choice for M2
  • Research activities of Torino-Milano-Palermo-Foggia-Sassari consortium (i.e. topics for thesis):
  • University of Turin –  main research topics for M2
  • University of Milan –
  • University of Palermo –
  • University of Sassari –
  • University of Foggia –

Web links / social networks

In Italian: (Scienze viticole ed enologiche)

Contact person(s) 

President of the Master Degree in Viticultural and Enological Sciences: prof. Luca Rolle,

President of the EMAVE Consortium: prof. Vittorino Novello,

Contact persons for incoming students (responsible): prof. Alessandra Ferrandino,

Tutor: Dott.ssa Elenia Zuccolo,

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