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Via individual and group subscriptions and partnerships with diverse national and international wine organisations VitiSynth provides high-end wine research intel to busy wine professionals, researchers and students. VitiSynth also partners with research institutions to enhance the extension of their research.

VitiSynth makes it possible to keep up to date with the large volume of wine and table grape research published globally each week. New research is indexed in the VitiSynth database using the VitiSynth Wine LoT ©, the most comprehensive “List of Things” ever created for the wine industry. The Wine LoT © is in ontological form which allows for very precise, in context, adjustable specificity searching via the website.

In addition, correlations determined in new research are curated into the VitiSynth database and presented in graphical form via VitiSynth Correlate ©, thereby providing wine professionals with an overview of and insights into complex interactions that are normally the reserve of specialist researchers in the field.

Subscribers are informed of the latest new research, including read recommendations, and new VitiSynth content via the newsletter VitiSynthesis.


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Involvement in the Vinifera programme:

To enhance bibliographic searching, ensure the latest research is taken into account in project work and provide inspiration, VitiSynth provides Vinifera Euromaster students with free access to VitiSynthesis and the VitiSynth website.


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