Stellenbosch University

South African Grape and Wine Research Institute (SAGWRI), Stellenbosch University (SU)

Postgraduate training and research in Grapevine and Wine Sciences and Biotechnology is coordinated by the South African Grape and Wine Research Institute (SAGWRI) at Stellenbosch University.

SAGWRI is a research and post-graduate (only) training institute that operates across faculties as an open institute that can accept students with a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. This brings tremendous opportunities to perform transdisciplinary research and students with a range of academic backgrounds (Agricultural Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering etc) can be accommodated in the postgraduate programmes (BSc(Honours), MSc and PhD).

SAGWRI aims to deliver a cohort of graduates that have been trained through experiential, co-operative as well as individualistic learning, through their participation in individual, or collaborative multi- and transdisciplinary research, meaningful networking and an effective research cycle (from project inception to output generation).

The core research disciplines of the Institute include Viticulture, Oenology, Biotechnology, Sensory and Consumer Science, Chemistry and Spectroscopy as well as Data Science. These disciplines converge and form the base of the “Integrated Grape and Wine Sciences” core that underlie our various research themes/programmes. These include:

  1. Grapevine Biology, Biotechnology and Improvement
  2. Grapevine x Environment x Management (GEMs) Interactions
  3. Digital Viticulture “New Tools for Precision Management”
  4. Wine Microbial Ecosystems And Biotechnology
  5. Wine Production and Analytics
  6. Spectroscopic Applications in Grape and Wine Sciences, and
  7. Sensory and Consumer Science of Wine

SAGWRI contributes to the EuroMaster Vinifera Programme by (i) offering research internships to visiting students for their 2nd year’s thesis; (ii) coordinate and assist in the screening and evaluation of local candidates that apply to the programme; (iii) provide placement support to visiting students that wish to pursue an internship with an industry partner as part of their training; (iv) host an annual seminar/webinar to showcase the Vinifera Masters Programme and include visiting students into the programme to give exposure to their research/internship activities; and (v) could participate in the teaching programme of the Vinifera Masters through our associated academics.


Academic enquiries for PG study

Dr Philip Young

Administrative enquiries for PG study:

Ms Lorette de Villiers

Interim Director (SAGWRI):

Prof Melane Vivier