Prof A. Vernhet

Prof Aude Vernhet

Dr Aude Vernhet is Professor at the IHEV (Institute of Higher Studies in Vine and Wine) at the Institut Agro – Montpellier SupAgro.

She is researcher at the joint research unit SPO (Sciences for Enology).


Vinifera Teaching: 

Aude teaches on wine processing as the coordinator of the module, and runs practical classes in clarification and stabilisation of wines.

She also contributes to the French Master in Vine and Wine, and to the Engineer programme’s Viticulture – Enology specialty in addition to the National Diploma in Enology (DNO),  where she is in charge of some wine-processing classes (control of temperatures during the fermentations, clarification and stabilisation of the juices and wines,  control analysis of the juices).


Research Interests:

Prof. Vernhet performs research in the research Unit Science for Enology (SupAgro, INRAE, University of Montpellier).

Her key research areas are dealing with physico-chemical interactions and their impact on clarification, colloidal stability and quality.

She has published 48 papers in the field.