Dr P Comuzzo

Dr Piergiorgio Comuzzo is a wine technologist and holds a position as  Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Udine, Italy.

He obtained his MSc (1998) and PhD (2004) in food science and technology at the University of Udine. . He is co-author of 78 publications on technical and scientific journals, including 29 papers published on peer-reviewed journals, 2 book chapters and 15 conference proceedings.

Vinifera Teaching: He teaches on maturity of grapes and grape analysis in the Wine Analysis module (M1) and Physical processes for juice and wine conditioning and packaging technologies (M2 in Udine)

Research interests: His research interests cover the field of wine chemistry and technology, in particular the strategies to reduce sulfur dioxide use in winemaking, the antioxidant capacity of yeasts derived products, the assessment of the ageing potential of white wines, including ageing on lees, and the use of emerging technologies in winemaking, in particular pulsed electric fields and high pressure homogenization.

Contact : piergiorgio.comuzzo@uniud.it