Dr J C Barbe

Dr Jean-Christophe Barbe is Professor of oenology, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, France

In 2013 he received his HDR at the University of Bordeaux Ségalen, where he obtained his PhD in Biological and Medical Science with option in Enology and Ampelography. Since 2001 he has lectured at Bordeaux Sciences Agro. He has four publications in international journals and 42 presentations in congresses.  He participates in study programmes in Enology (Ingénieur degree, Master degree): Wine and Grape chemistry, Sensory Analysis, Winemaking, Company Auditing

Vinifera teaching: Within the Wine Analysis module he teaches on off-flavours.

Research Interests: Jean-Christophe’s focus is on wine aroma.

Contact: jean-christophe.barbe@agro-bordeaux.fr