Italian Consortium of Udine

Università degli studi di Udine (University of Udine, UNIUD)

General presentation

University of Udine is a young dynamic university whose mission, since its foundation in 1978, is to promote higher education by imparting knowledge and generating new ideas at the cutting edge of society.

The key of our success at both the national and international level is the quality and enthusiasm of all of its components.

UNIUD is situated in Udine, a city in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, north-eastern Italy, in the very heart of Europe. UNIUD and Udine have a relaxed student-friendly atmosphere and they are within easy reach of many places of interest in Italy, Europe and beyond.

At UNIUD you will find a staff of dedicated, experienced and inspirational teachers who will challenge you to achieve your best. You will work with enthusiastic researchers and lecturers in lectures, seminars and tutorials, and you will also find time for independent study.

All students are allocated a personal tutor, who will help them solve any problem they meet. There is a vast variety of laboratories available for you: state-of-the-art science laboratories, language laboratories and  rooms.

Udine University is the coordinator of the Italian consortium Udine-Padova-Verona-Bolzano, which offers many learning and professional opportunities in the heart of some famous vineyard like Amarone DOCG, Prosecco DOCG and so on …

Involvement in the Vinifera programme

  • Involvement into the M1 curricula at Montpellier :

Prof. Peterlunger is the coordinator of the module of vine biology.

The team of Padova, coordinated by Prof L Galetto is implementing the module of economics, talking about their experience in the wine sector, and especially sparkling wines and Prosecco DOCG.

Udine University is also involved in the module of enology and wine-processing, with Prof. Giacosa.

Study trips are yearly organised: Friuli Eastern Hills, Collio, Prosecco (Conegliano), Amarone (Verona), Slovenia, Croatia, Bolzano.

  • Research activities of Udine-Padova-Verona-Bolzano consortium:

Viticulture: developmental and stress physiology; plant/water relations and quality; grapevine genomics and breeding; sustainable and organic viticulture; mountain viticulture

Enology: management of enological technology ; reduction of wine additives; organic wine making; closures; barrique quality assessment, enology for cool climate

Economics: new tools in wine communication and marketing; balance analysis and business planning; investment analysis and appraisal in the wine business

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Contact person(s)

Course coordinator : Professor Enrico Peterlunger (

Didactic coordinator : Valentina Monetti (

International Office :

Sonia Bosero, Head (

Jolita Ziauberyte, International Students Advisor (

Alessia Bruno and Massimo Plaino, Incoming Students Advisors ( )