Fruition Sciences


General presentation

Founded in 2009, we are an agro-tech team that helps winegrowers and oenologists to optimize their grape production (quality and yield) as well as their resources (water, inputs). Fruition’s product is a method and a web platform for decision support. Both combined allow you to view the physiological state of the vine at any time and take informed decisions like irrigation, fertilization, or harvest date.

In 2020, our irrigation management method for viticulture was certified by the CEC (California Energy Commission) for its important results in water and electricity savings (61% savings for the viticulture).

Involvement in the Vinifera programme

  • Give some classes about irrigation practices and analytical framework to monitor vine performance
  • Provide, select and/or recommend candidates
  • Contribute with possible thesis topics and subjects and/or assist in research and/or field work
  • Contribute to students’ employability by offering complementary skills, courses and/or internship/placement possibilities.