Fanagoria Estate Winery

General presentation

Fanagoria Estate Winery is a 3,400-hectare vineyard property including a nursery, a winery and a corporate cooperage.

It is located in the southern Russian Taman Peninsula.

Presently, the wine and brandy cask depot consists of nearly 5,000 barrels from French, American and Caucasian oak.

The estate produces still, sparkling, late harvest wines, brandies, grape marc vodka, spirits and grape juices.

Fanagoria has been successfully exporting to China, Germany, Japan and some other markets.

The company grows a wide arrangement of grape varieties:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Aligoté, Riesling
  • Saperavi, Tsimlansky Black, Krasnostop Zolotovsky, Sibirkovy

Involvement in the Vinifera programme

  • Organising exchange of students and academics ;
  • Contribution of possible thesis topics and assisting in research and/or field work ;
  • Offering internship programs

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