Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias – Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

General presentation

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, located in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the areas of agriculture, bromatology, natural resources, oenology, olive growing and other agricultural areas. Being one of the oldest institutions in the area of grapevine and wine, the Faculty offers a continuous training environment with high educational standards. As an educational and research institution, it has a recognized and rich history in the training of the future agricultural professionals.

Involvement in the Vinifera programme

  • Organise exchange of students and academics with consortium EMaVE;
  • Provide, select and/or recommend candidates;
  • Contribute with possible thesis topics and subjects and/or assist in research and/or field work;


Head Office of Research, International Affairs and Postgraduate Studies

@ : internacionales@fca.uncu.edu.ar


IG : @cienciasagrariasuncuyo

FB : Facultad Ciencias Agrarias UNCUYO