Career opportunities

Career Opportunities are:

Directors/Managers of vine & wine estates or laboratories
Cellar Managers
Consultants in Oenology
Advisors in Vineyard Management
Market & Trade Consultants
Scientists, Researchers, Teachers

Vinifera graduates tracer survey 2018* – batch 1 to 8

93,1% have a permanent position
Mainly in wine-making and wine business (a few in viticulture)
85% have a leader position
31% have a salary > 40 000 $ / year
90,8% have met their career aspirations
100% feel themself qualified or over-qualified for their job

        *(produced by SupAgro Defpro office, 2018)

Survey results demonstrate that the contents of the Master are adapted to the needs of companies. They confirm the adequacy of the graduate’s profile to the demands of the employment market.

Collected data illustrates that during the two-year training programme students acquire a high degree of language and communication skills.

In addition, the mobility experience provides graduates with a high level of adaptability.

Finally, the high number of graduates being accepted onto a PhD programme points to the excellent research and academic competences acquired during the Vinifera master as well as the high quality of selected students.

Consequently, the impact of the Vinifera on graduate careers is highly positive. Looking back, having acquired experience of the labour market, 95.2% of alumni would still choose to follow the Vinifera EuroMaster.

Mrs Rodela Koleci, Vinifera Graduates,

PhD student at Brock Uni