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Welcome to Portugal

Studying in Portugal means being at the right place to experience delicatessen and wines, have fun on the Estoril area, or for those who do prefer to feel the memories of the past, walking along the streets of the historic villages. Everyone will find the right touch at the right moment.

To know more about Portugal general information 

To know more about VISA application -

Where is ISA? - http://www.isa.ulisboa.pt/en/gpre/services/international-mobility/incoming-mobility/where-is-isa

To know more about Accommodation around the University - http://www.isa.ulisboa.pt/en/gpre/services/international-mobility/incoming-mobility/accommodation

Sport and Health at ISA - http://www.ulisboa.pt/en/inicio/life-at-ulisboa/sport-and-health/ (University level)

Other useful Info - http://www.isa.ulisboa.pt/en/gpre/services/international-mobility/incoming-mobility/useful-info 
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