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Internships information

During the Vinifera curricula, the students have the opportunities to follow two tutored internships:
- one between the M1 and M2: it is an optional internship from 1 to 2 months as an introduction to the M2 modules of specialisation
- one during the M2, compulsory in order to defend the thesis; the conditions and duration of this period are depending of each M2 partner:


It is possible to return to France to do an internship during your second academic year. You will be under the supervision of the M2 University. This also applies to French students.

The non-European students whose residence permit has expired must apply for a new visa for France before arriving here for their internship. A residence permit/visa from another Schengen country is not enough, since it only gives the right to stay in another Schengen country for 3 months. If you don’t have a valid French visa when you arrive in France for your internship, you may have to return either to your home country or to your M1 country (if your residence permit is still valid) in order to apply for one.

      ITALY: TORINO consortium

The academic term begins in January of the M2 (except for certain modules in Milan). 

The obligatory internship for preparing the thesis can be done before beginning your studies in Turin, if you want to finish early.  Or it can be done during the thesis semester.

     ITALY: UDINE consortium

For Udine/Verona/Padova/Bolsano, the academic term will begin at the beginning or middle of October.

The internship is included in the thesis activity, it is not separated. It is not easy to define in advance the timing of the internship; it depends on the subject of the thesis, on the type of activities (viticulture, enology...).

The obligatory internship for preparing the thesis must be done before beginning your studies in Udine.


The academic term begins at the mid-October.
The period of the internship will run for the last week of July to the third week of October (but the students may just spend a period of at least 1 month in a wine-company).



The academic term begins in mid-October.

It is obligatory to follow a summer internship of 8 weeks before going to Geisenheim. 

The Master thesis will be performed in semester 4 and lasts 6 months. 


The term begins in early October or September.  

Internships for your thesis are usually carried out after studying the first semester.



M2 partners have associations with some of the associate partner institutions elsewhere (including outside Europe). It is still possible to carry out your internship in one of these countries.

The Associate Partners are listed on the Vinifera website

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