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Job / Carreer opportunities

Job opportunities to consider could be:

  • Directors/Managers of vine & wine estates & laboratories;
  • Cellar Managers;
  • Consultants in Enology;
  • Advisors in Vineyard Management;
  • Market & Trade Consultants;
  • Buyers,
  • Researchers,
  • Teachers
After five years running the educational programme there are already two batches of graduates on the labour market. The co-ordinating body EMaVE has requested a tracer survey, eager to know the quality of the educational offer and its impact on the career of graduates.
77,7 % of Alumni have answered to the survey ; here you can find the main results :

Before applying to Euromaster Vinifera, half of the respondents were employed in the private sector whilst 43% of them were still undertaking studies.

In general the main motivation for undertaking the Vinifera Euromaster was to acquire a higher degree of specialization and to obtain a improvement in salary and professional position.
For those who were studying before the course, the major reasons for applying were to enable them to work towards undertaking a PhD, and the opportunity of studying in another European country.

We have to take into account that today’s student profile has considerably changed,. especially since the Vinifera master of sciences(MSc) has obtained the Erasmus Mundus label. Students are younger, originate increasingly from third countries (16 nations in 2011). We have a good gender balance, and most of students already possess a master degree.

26,7% of Vinifera's graduates undertake further study in PhD.

Among the others awarded students which would like to find a job after their Master courses most of them has found a job in the research field (55,6%), and in wine processing (66,7%), in research institutions or private sector.

When asking respondents about the time spent seeking for a job more than 90% of graduates replied that they had found a job within 6 months , and more than 55% in less than 2 months.

Vinifera’s educational programme interests a very specific audience. The distinct International / European dimension catches the attention of a wide diversity of high quality students. Students seek the experience of studying in another EU country and developing language skills, and look for a higher degree of specialisation. Both objectives are broadly fulfilled by this Master course, especially thanks to the international flavour and excellence of its teaching.
This short movie shows several testimonies of students, managers, researchers and teachers about the perfect adequacy between the companies' needs and Vinifera courses :

Production/Editing : Montpellier SupAgro Florac : Giliane Granjean - Patrice Lallemand

Institutional partners
Students with a certain expertise and with fieldwork experience find a diversified range of scientific knowledge and so the possibility of going in depth within the desired specialisation. And students having just finished their previous studies are provided with the opportunity of studying in two different european higher education institutions and sharing experiences with classmates of diversenationalities.

The results show that graduates’ profiles are very well positioned in the labour market. The short time required before finding a job is a proof of that. The entrance of today’s employed graduates into the private sector is also a reality that confirms the ability of Vinifera graduates to meet the demand of the work market.

Collected data illustrates that during the two-year training programme students acquire a high degree of language and communication skills. In addition, the mobility experience provides graduates with a good adaptability level. Finally, the high percentage of graduates being accepted onto a PhD programme is proof of the quality of research and academic competences acquired during the Vinifera as well as of the high quality curricula vitae of selected students.

This leads us to evaluate the impact of the Vinifera on the graduates’ career as highly positive even though there are improvements that can be made. 81% of students consider that the Vinifera master degree had an impact on his professional integration. 85,7% of alumni would still choose to follow the Euromaster Vinifera, looking back on their current knowledge of the labour market.

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