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Application procedure

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Candidates have to follow three stages :

1 - Creating your personal account
Follow the link  Apply online on the website to request a password
You are registered for application
You will receive a password by e-mail
Documents to prepare beforehand in pdf format: CV, motivation letter (one/two pages), scan of passport, transcript of degree marks in English, scan of degree (BSc) or Master Diploma (original and English translation), mark from IELTS or TOEFL or other accepted test.  If you have not graduated yet please add (in the place of the diploma) an official letter from your university stating that you are expected to graduate this year, and the date).
NOTE:  Diplomas or Transcripts in Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese do not need to be translated.  The CV and letter MUST be in English.

2 - Filling out your application online
Each applicant has to login, using his/her identification (e-mail address) and password received  
Successive logins allow you to complete the entire procedure. You should save the form each time.
Attention! The online application procedure takes some time. With your login and password, you can return at any moment to add/modify information as long as you have not fully submitted it.  Please do not press SUBMIT until you have added all the information.
Designation of two referees: applicants give their referees' e-mail addresses on the application form.
Each referee will receive a password directly and a request for a reference for the applicant.
These recommendations have to be entered on the online form and submitted before the deadline.  They must be in English.
These recommendations have to be printed out, signed (authentification) and they can be sent by email as a pdf document. This version can be sent later than the deadline for students.
PLEASE NOTE : Referees often take time to write their recommendation letters. Applicants are strongly advised to name their referees as soon as possible.

3 - Submitting your application online

Once the application form is completely filled out,
  - pay the admin fee
  - submit the application form electronically
before the deadline
Note: when your form has been submitted, the system does not allow you to make any changes (the rights are changed to 'read only')
if necessary, the secretariat can undo your submitted status; after making changes, you need to 'submit' once again

The application form is complete only when both the application form and the two recommendation letters from the referees have been electronically submitted in due time and when the registration fees (30 euros) have been paid.
NOTE:  The referee has a different form to fill in independently, you can submit before the referees have finished their letters.

DOWNLOAD VISUAL GUIDE: "Guide for online application"


Page updated on : 2015-11-25
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