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Insurance and Health in France

These following informations are available for France, the first hosting country. For the other countries, further information will be provided on request.

All students must make sure they are covered with a civil liability insurance & rental risk insurance. These insurance policies must be provided within one week after arrival at the latest.

In France, all residents, regardless of status, must be registered in the Social Security and are consequently covered of about 70% of any medical treatment (approx. 200 euro for students under 28 years old).
The remaining 30% can be covered by private insurance companies which usually offer advantageous rates to students.

For the remaining 30%, all EM scholarships holders are covered by ACE Europe. A personal card is sent to each Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder's student 1 month before the first semester.
(others students can subscribe to this insurance with special rates, under conditions).

Please, call the number below or contact the nearest French consulate for detailed information:
Social Security International Telephone Service: + 33(0)8 20 90 42 12
Local call from France : 0811 363 646

For further information: don't hesitate to contact Vinifera EuroMaster secretary vinifera@supagro.inra.fr Page updated on : 2014-10-01
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